Backwoods Cooking

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Backwoods cooking with bananas and chocolate, marshmallows and twizzel bread.


Tin foil


Bananas and Chocolate - get the Beavers to get a piece of tin foil and place their banana on it. Then cut the banana length ways making a slit. Then put chocolate drops into the slit and then when finished close the tin foil up so there isn't any holes. Then place on the fire to cook. Once cooked open tin foil carefully and enjoy :) . (This can also be done in the microwave but remember do NOT put tin foil in the microwave!)
Marshmallows - Put a marshmallow on the end of a wooden skewer and then place near the fire. Wait until the marshmallow has browned a little and then eat. Watch out as it will be hot!!!
Twizzel bread - Take the bread dough and wrap round the wooden skewer and then place it near the fire. Wait till it starts to brown and ask a leader if they think it is cooked. Take away from the fire and enjoy....again be careful as it will be hot!!!


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