Good Turns Tree

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Get the Cubs / Beavers to think about the need to do a good turn every day


* Good Turn Tree for pack- leaf template one per Cub (or one Tree per colony - split into a branch for each lodge)


Talk about trees and how they work - roots for stability, trunk and branches to transport nutrients and water, and the leaves show that everything is functioning.
For Cubs - Ask the Cubs to tell you the Cub Scout law. They all promised to keep this law and a part of the law is that they will do a good turn every day. Ask how many of them are keeping this promise.
For Beavers - Discuss with the Beaver Scouts about the good turns they do / might do.
Distribute leaf template - they need to draw a set of 5 leaves on a sheet of A4 paper. One for each good turn.
put a pre drawn bare tree on the wall, ready for the good turn leaves.
They take the sheet of leaves home. Ask them to write on a leaf the good turn they have done each day. Ask them to bring back once completed. Leader verifies good turns then the leaves may be cut out and stuck on the tree


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