Game: Paper Relay

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Transport the whole Six from one end to the other using pieces of paper


* One fewer sheets of paper per Six than there are Cubs in the Six
* Stickers
* Blindfolds (one per Six)


1. Give each Six their sheets of paper.
2. Cubs needs to start behind the start line and get the whole Six safely across the crocodile infested river to the other side. They are only safe on the bank or when standing on a piece of paper. The leaders are the crocodiles.
3. One Cub from each Six is blindfolded. One from each Six cannot use their hands (put them inside their jumper). One is not allowed to speak.
3. If any part of any Cub touches the water it gets bitten off by a crocodile and they can no longer use it (leader should put a sticker on it).
4. If a Cub falls off the paper, or uses any part of their body that they are not allowed to use, they are eaten by a crocodile and must sit out. A 30 second time penalty is given for each Cub who is eaten.
5. The winning team is the first to make it safely across the river.


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