Green Cross Code Relay

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A relay race to complete the green cross code in the right order


Space to Run
Set of relay cards for each group


- Briefly go through the Green Cross Code
- Split the Section into small groups
- Line up the teams/sixes, one behind another, facing the other end of the room.
- Place a jumbled-up set of code cards at the other end of the room to opposite each group
- Each group member runs to the pile of cards, takes the top one and returns
- The next person runs to get another card
- They return & place card where they think it goes this continues until all cards have been retrieved and the groups are happy with their code order
- Pick the first team back to give their order of cards and then go through each Group individually

Discuss the teams answers and point out any errors and why they are wrong


  • game
  • green cross code
  • safety

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