Disability Awareness

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This programme idea contains an enjoyable outdoor activity that enhances disability awareness. This is an issue that needs to be handled with sensitivity, but can be an ideal opportunity to make Explorer Scouts aware of the difficulties that some people face. It may be that members of the Unit know people with disabilities and Special Needs, and encouraging them to discuss this can make the problems seem less difficult for the young people.


- Tent for each group
- Triangular bandage
- Earplugs
- Protective earmuffs
- Blindfold


Split the Explorer Scouts into teams of four. In teams, members work together to pitch a tent, each Explorer Scout simulating a different disability:

- Deafness - earplugs and protective ear muffs
- Blindness - blindfold
- Immobile arm - in sling with triangular bandage
- Wheelchair user - unable to stand

Explorer Scouts need to work together to erect their tent completely (including all guy lines and pegs).

Once the tent is erect, they must pack it away, whilst maintaining the disability.

To end have a discussion about how it felt to be less able for a task, was everyone given a job, did anyone feel left out and what could be done different next time.

If this finishes ahead of time, you can have a competition to see what group can put a tent up the quickest.

The programme should be treated with due sensitivity, but should not be overly serious; the idea is to make an impression on the Explorer Scouts and give them the idea that disabilities are serious and that they need to be sensitive towards them.


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