Pioneering Obstacle Course

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Build an obstacle course using Pioneering skills, then race over the course.


Large open area, Pioneering Poles, Ropes, quite a few parent helpers

Resources needed for possible non-pioneering obstacles: Tarpaulin (for crawling under), String & supports (Spider's Web), Large cardboard boxes (tunnels/jumps/stepping stones)


Split into patrols, build obstacles for an obstacle course using Pioneering poles and ropes, e.g. things that they have to jump over, crawl under, a stretcher etc. Once the course is complete, groups of three are timed across the course to see who's the fastest (need groups of three for stretcher obstacle).

Alternative: race as patrols, with (1) blindfolded patrol member or (2) one patrol member to be kept off floor at all times or (3) [non-race leadership version] all patrol members blindfolded except PL (and/or APL) who give instructions - patrol members to hold hands or link arms while waiting for instructions so that do not collide with obstacles - extra leader or young leader support for each team advised to act as extra pair of eyes for risks!



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