Deadly 60 Walk

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Walk through woods to find deadly mini-beasts


Magnifying glasses, tubs, flourescent jackets for walking, whistle


Introducing this as a Challenge from Steve Backshall enahnces the experience and motivation for the kids. Using the image of Steve from the Wild Cards is a great way to connect. Whilst there is no unique wild card for this Deadly 60 walk, it is a combination of Steve's ideas. The kids seemed to be doubly excited at the mention of Naomi too! Asking the kids to put their hand up if they recognise the picture of the man starts to generate a buzz of excitement.
Brief members on how to find mini-beasts, eg turing over logs and stones, why some are deadly, eg caterpillars eat plants, spiders catch flies for food etc etc. Provide clear instructions on crossing road and rallying whistles


  • accompanied walk
  • bug hunting
  • Nature

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