Water diary

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The children could keep a water diary at home to see how much water they use in comparison with children in developing countries - give this out the week before you plan to use it


Completed diary (attached blank)


• Photocopy the water diary attached and give a copy to each child the week before the meeting. Ask the children to put a tick next to each activity every time they do it during the course of one week.
• When the children have completed their water diaries, they can bring them back to the group. Let them know about the average amount of water that they all used. Explain that most people in Europe use around 200 litres of water every single day, while in developing countries, people use just 10 litres.
• Ask the children whether they think saving water is important and if they can think of ways to do this. Promote water saving ideas by designing posters, leaflets, stickers or badges.


  • Environment
  • saving water
  • washing
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