Cub's Circuit training

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We ran The Cubs participate in and record results, whilst doing their exercises in two's. There are 8 bases to work through for each circuit. Press ups, sit ups, Step ups, Sargent Jumps, Star jumps, Hopping, Shuttle run and Dips


Mats, Chairs or benches (for step ups and dips)

Benches, Skipping Ropes, Cones (for shuttle runs), Stopwatch, Whistle, Record sheet, Pencil


Each child has a recording sheet, to write in the number of reps achieved. The children work in pairs. One child does the exercise while the other counts.

The evening begins with warming up, jogging around the hall. Whilst jogging they are given instruction, when numbers called they must do an action, 1) right hand touch the floor 2)left hand touch the floor 3) both hands touch the floor 4) lay down and then carry on jogging 5)jump in the air like you're heading a football.

They go to a base. Each turn will last 30 seconds, child one start and child 2 counts. At 30 secs they swap. Then onto the next base. Once they've completed all the bases they warm down and stretch

20/09/2012 - Kingfisher Cubs:
(5 mins) All Cubs given Introduction to Challenge and a Record Sheet (see attachment)
(5 mins) Start with all Cubs taking their resting heart-rate* and writing it on their record sheet (meets requirements for the Scientist Badge* for those that have not done it)
(2 mins) Next: Warm up as above (Leader led)
(18 mins) Next: Cubs working in groups of 2 (one to count, one to exercise) spread across 6 bases - we have Step-Ups, Burpees, Skipping (with rope), Press Ups, Sit-Ups, Shuttle Run's. 30 seconds per Cub - then swap. 2 minutes to record results and move to next base (Leader support here!)
(5 mins) Next: Take their Heart rate again*
(2 mins) Finally: Stretch (Leader led)

(40 mins)


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