Survival Camp

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Weekend long Survival camp




Friday Night

Arrive from 6 onwards

Each patrol to set up their own site and have a simple evening meal.

Official welcome to the weekend.

Wide game.



Flag break along with orders for the day.

In the morning we will be skinning rabbits for the evening meal.

(They will need to be done in the morning so they can be left to soak for a while before cooking for the evening meal - the patrols will have a choice of methods of cooking them)

Gadget building using materials obtained onsite - this will be a marked competition with a trophy for the best gadget by the end of the camp and will continue to run until midday on Sunday. The only string allowed to be used will be sisal as this is biodegradable.)

Light Lunch

In the afternoon the patrols will be instructed on shelter building and will need to build a shelter to sleep in Saturday night subject to the weather being suitable

I am expecting they will sleep in their own tents on the Friday night. If the weather is kind and dry then those tents will be able to be packed Saturday afternoon as the scouts will be sleeping in the shelter(s) they have built.

There will also be instruction on some of the more practical aspects of the survival skills activity badge.

Evening meal.

This is expecting to use the rabbits prepared that morning.

However I am sure there may be some scouts who may struggle with this, as long as I know well beforehand, then I can arrange an alternative.

Wide games will be played during the Saturday evening.

If there is the demand, we can have a camp fire during the evening if someone is prepared to run it. I'll admit I am rubbish at these so a volunteer would be good.

Sunday morning.


Flag break along with orders for the day.

Continued survival activity badge practical instruction.

Marking of various items.

Light Lunch

Clear up and trophy giving.

Depart 16:00.

There will be several competitions for trophies during the weekend including :-

Best Camp Gadget,

Best Shelter,

Best preparation of Saturday evening meal,

As this is a greenfield camp, inspections will be run during the weekend around mealtimes to ensure the necessary hygiene standards are met to ensure the scouts keep healthy, however these will be an opportunity to provide advice and training as much as anything else to scouts who are unfamiliar with this level of camping.

To this end there will be a trophy for best camping standard on the weekend


Most improved patrol on the weekend - this is to encourage those patrols who struggle at first to persevere and get better at it that way if they do poorly to start with they will have a reason to try and get better.



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