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Building a Bird Table


Used timber of various sizes and thicknesses
Drawing of Design of Bird Table with approximate sizes
Electric Tools including a Drill, screwdriver and Saw.
Hand Tools including Screwdrivers, Chizels, Saws, Pencils, Hammer and Tape Measure
Work Surface and/or Workmate.
Various Screws and fixings.
Paint or Stain
Safety Equipments including Hard Hat, Goggles/Glasses, Gloves.


1. Conduct a safety briefing on the use of Electric and Hand Tools.
2. Conduct a briefing of the work area, the rules of using the tools and an emergency stop procedure. Inform Scouts that no work must be carried out without the direct supervision of a Leader
3. Break the Troop into small work groups with a leader supervising each.
4. Split the Bird Table design into 3 work groups. 1 for the Base, 1 for the stand and 1 for the top and roof.
5. Using the available wood, under the supervision of the leaders measure, cut and build the relevant sections as per the drawn plan.
N.B. The scouts can draw and design their own Bird Table prior to this activity.
6. Construct all the sections together to finalise the Bird Table.
7. Using the Pain/Stain paint the completed Bird Table.

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