Mug of Water Trail

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A long route made of string is set within a wood, the string is suspended off the ground and held there by winding around trees*. At one end the string is threaded through a mug handle, the mug is filled with water. The Scout then needs to get their mug to the end of the trail and pours the water in their mug (if there's any left!) into the empty water holder. Can be timed or on a one-go-each basis. Could be competing Patrols/Sixes/Lodges. Terrain and difficulty to suit Scout age and ability. Try it blindfolded! It would also be possible to run this indoors using items in your HQ to hold the string


String, Mugs (must have normal "close-loop" handle), 2 x water holders (one full one empty), marker pen for scoring - set in a wood


Trail of string is set through the woods - make sure it doesn't do a complete "360" around any trees as it makes it impossible to move the mugs.



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