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Team game - keeping bottles either up or down!


Loads of bottles
Stop Watch


Put Out a collection of bottles in an area - at least a metre between each bottle - preferably 2 metres between each
Put the lodges into 2 teams (1 team = 2 lodges)
Team 1 - their aim is to knock over as many bottles as they can
Team 2 - their aim is to put the bottles upright that have been knocked over.
If most of the bottles are upright then team 2 have won
If most bottles are lying down then Team 1 have won.

Each game will last 1 minute
Sides then swap - team 1 becomes team 2
We will play this 4 times - so each side will do each bit twice.

If doing this outside on grass, it is better to put in some water to help increase the weight of the bottles and therefore help them stand up better on uneven ground.


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  • fitness
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