Battle Ships and Scouts

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Same concept as old paper and pencil on grid game known as Battleship and cruisers, except the ships are all scouts sitting on the grid hidden by a temporary partition trying not to get hit by other scouts throwing balls at them from over the other side of the partition and are therefore throwing blind


Bean bags
Soft ball - small
Large Tarp


-Place a temporary partition in the middle of your hall or outside area ie. suspended groundsheet from beams or between trees.
- mark out two zones either side of the area not extending past partition.
-Ask one patrol(A) to sit anywhere in the zone to be attacked.
-Another patrol(B) sits anywhere in the other zone with their ammo.
-Ammo can be soft balls or beanbags.
-Patrol(A) are to sit crosslegged with arms crossed and told not to move.
-Commence game with Patrol(B) sitting throwing ammo over partition.
-PatrolA)members are out and removed if hit anywhere on body by ammo.
-Game is finished when all of Patrol(A)has been hit.
- Winner is the Patrol that is timed the longest to be eliminated, or the attacking Patrol that is the fastest to clear the zone.

We did this where the attacking patrol had limited ammo and took a turn one at a time but it was better if the scouters helped return the ammo and kept it constant fire.
The patrol being attacked were advised to keep their heads down and not look up.
It's good if the Scouts have more than one shot at this game as it makes them think more about where they will sit next time where there will be less chance of getting eliminated.



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