Make your own Didgeridoo

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To make a musical instrument that is traditionally played by Australian Aborignes.


Paper tube / slim plastic bottles /snack ,crisp carton(wrapping paper tubes, paper towel tubes but NOT toilet roll tubes) If the tubes are too short then tape two together.
White paper
Crayons or felts
Transparent tape


If you need to put two tubes together to make a longer tube then do this now.
Explain to the Beavers about the origins of the Didgeridoo and who it is made by and what from.
Make sure that the white paper fits around the tubes with only a little overlap, this will take some pre preparation.
Give the beavers a tube each and the white paper, ask them to decorate this paper. When completed wrap the paper around the tube and secure with transparent tape.
Get the Beavers to sit on the floor with their instruments, demonstrate how to use them. The task is complete when all Beavers have made some noise through the tube.
Demonstrate that the larger the tube the deeper the sound.
Find some suitable music (perhaps Rolf Harris) and get the Beavers to blow their Didgeridoos in time with the music.


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