Recycling game

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A game to teach what can be recycled and how to sort it


Assortment of recyclable materials paper (raffle tickets), metal (old tent pegs)and plastic (bottle tops)
Paper,Metal Plastic and Landfill name labels for leaders to wear.
Paper & pens for leaders to take tally.


Give a brief explanation of the importance of recycling and reusing.

Select two teams
Team 1 - Recyclers
Team 2 - Land-fillers

3 leaders take on the roles of recycling plants; Paper, Metal and Plastic
1 leader takes the role of the landfill site.
1 leader takes the role of waste collection centre

Recycling plants and landfill site randomly wander around the playing area and take a tally of items received.
Waste collection centre position remains a predetermined position throughout the game.

Team one visit the waste collection centre and are given one item to recycle. They must take the item to the correct recycle plant; deposit it without being intercepted by the Land-fillers and return to the waste distribution centre for another piece. Carry on until end of play.

Team two land-fillers must intercept the recyclers by tagging them and then play rock paper scissors. If the Land-filler wins they take the piece of rubbish to the landfill site. If the Recycler wins they retain the rubbish and carry on uninterrupted to the correct plant.

Play for 10-15 mins then swap over roles.

Best played outdoors but could be played indoors.


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