Promise Cricket

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Game to help cubs think of ways to keep their promises


Sheet with Promise and Law printed on it for each six
Pen for each leader to record score


- Each Six has a sheet with their Promise and Law printed on it
- They have two minutes to suggest ways of keeping parts of the Promise and Law to each other before the game begins
- They play as a Relay race with each Cub Scout in the Six running in turn to a Leader at the other end of the meeting place
- When they reach the Leader they say the part of the Promise or Law they are thinking about and what they would do to keep that part (for 'to do my duty to God' they may say 'I let my sister have first go in our game', or 'to do my best' might be 'I practised my music for 15 minutes every day this week'
- The Six gets a 'run' for every part of the Promise or Law they say correctly and another for their idea. If the idea is particularly good the Leader can score a 'boundary' (4 runs)
- The Six can carry on suggesting ideas to each other throughout the game
- When the end of the 'innings' (the game) is called any Six who have worked well together to help each other can be awarded a 'six'
- The points are added to produce a winner and any particularly good ideas are shared with the whole Pack, encouraging them to put them into practice to complete one of the requirements of the Promise Challenge

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