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Your Scouts can discover their
inner musician and learn the importance of
working together with this loud but hugely
enjoyable activity.Making a racket was never so
much fun.


A variety ofitems that can be banged,blown,
shaken or tapped, ie tin cans, pipe lengths, boxes,
plastic containers, rice (pre-warn the Troop, so
they can bring items from home)
• Glue
• Scissors


. Gather the materials in a giant heap.
2. Explain that in many parts of the world, music
and rhythm are created from a variety of
discarded items – anything that can be banged,
tapped, blown and so on.
3. Give time for the Scouts to rummage and
assemble what they want for their instruments.
4. The Scouts make sure that their instruments
5. Either ask small groups to perform or get the
whole Troop to play together.
6. Beat out an easy rhythm for them to follow
initially. Then introduce one or two players at a


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