Art Robberies

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The wide game is based on art robberies, a number of pictures are posted onto cardboard and fenced by the Scouts without getting caught


A number of pictures of different sizes, 30 at least.


Agree a playing area with boundries. A number of 'paintings' are prepared, magazine or paintings posted onto cardboard, a value is given for each on the back. Larger pictures have a higher value than smaller ones. They are divided between Scout Leaders who are within the game area, they are know as lorries, off the back of which the pictures fall! A 'mobile' gallery is another Scout Leader or Leaders who will hand one miniature painting to each team (Patrol) on demand, the teams have to find them first. A final Scout Leader is the 'fence' to whom the teams of villains (Scouts) have to get as many paintings as possbile before the end of the game, he will also record the value of the pictures fenced by the different teams. The local Police are involved, conveniently disguished as Explorer Scouts and their job is to apprehend villains 'in possession of stolen property'


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