Olympic Ring River

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Make a Olympic Flag and capture water at bases to make an olympic ring


Equipment to make an Olympic Rings Flag
Print out of Olympic Ring Flag
5 Cups per team
5 Water carriers with R,G,B,Y,B food colouring


Team are explained the rules:
Aim: To place five cups - each with different coloured water - in the same order as the Olympic Ring flag on a board
1. Determine one central base where final cups will be placed.
2. While Flags are being crafted, 5 leaders / yl's hide with one bottle of coloured water or two depending on number of leaders
3. Make an Olympic Ring Flag using Craft Material (note overlapping rings should match print out) - The flag is used by the patrols to collect coloured water.
4. Each team has 5 cups to collect coloured water. Before a leader will fill one of the team cups, the Olympic Flag must be presented.
5. Define an area around the central base.
6. The base can be defended and coloured water may be dislodged from other teams, but once a 'water carrier' has entered the base, they are free to place it on the central base unchallenged.
7. If water has been knocked from the scouts carrying it, the team must present their flag again to the leader carrying the water in order for it to be refilled.
8. Each cup placed on the central base must have enough remaining water to define a ring when looked at it from above.
9. Winning Team is the team that completes the challenge first or has the most cups, or has the most amount of water left in the cups in the event of a tie.


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