Newspaper Challenge

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Scouts in their Patrols to complete the following challenges using Newspaper


Newspaper (2 or 3 per Patrol)
Card for collage


Scouts in their Patrols to have one hour to complete the following activities making each item from or using newspaper.
- Newspaper Clothes - Scouts to make a set of clothes from newspaper including a hat, that will fit one Scout who will need to model the outfit in a fashion show at the end of Scouts. Best outfit to be judged by the leaders
- Make a cup to hold 150ml of water for at least a minute (note no sellotape can be used in making the cup)
- Make a Paper Aeroplane. Each patrol to chose their best aeroplane and each aeroplane to be flown at the end of Scouts to see which goes the furthest.
- Make a collage about what they enjoy about Scouts, Scouts can use pictures and/or headlines/words cut out of the newspaper for the collage.
- Make protection for an egg which will be dropped from the balcony at the end of Scouts (Note the egg must be easily removed at the end to see if it is still intact)
- Alternatives: newspaper palm tree; newspaper woven sitter; chain of paper people; 'flap the kipper' game. See additional files uploaded

After 1 hour Scouts to come back together for the following
- Fashion Show where one Scout from each patrol models their newspaper outfit (5 points each for top, bottoms and hat, Total of 15 points)
- Cup competition to see if Cups can hold water (in the kitchen) - 10 points available
- Paper Aeroplane Competition which Plan flies the furtherest (7 points for 1st, 5 points for 2nd and 3 points for 3rd)
- Collage viewing - 15 points available
- Egg Drop - (10 points if the egg survives with 5 bonus points for artist merit)


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