Scouty Challenge

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An activity based on the Crystal Maze TV Show. There are different zones for the Scouts to explore with a challenge in each one.


Physical - wall or vertical surface to place crystal
Coordination - Tables, Chairs, poles, balls, cones, ropes, string - anything to build a maze with really.
Twilight - A4 paper, scissors, (glue, tape, art craft stuff - although not needed)
Mental - bedlam cube or any other puzzle (could even be a jigsaw!!)
Living - Cream crackers, Shredded Wheat
Common Sense - quiet room away from the everyone else, pens/pencils, downloaded file below.


Split the Scouts into groups of 4 or 5, any smaller and some of the challenges are hard to do. Each challenge can have a time or life limit. As in the TV programme, once the time has expired or their are no more lives left the challenger is over.

There are 6 zones with a challenge in each one;
Physical - Build a human pyramid to reach the crystal placed against an adjacent wall. Try to place the crystal just high enough that the last Scout has to slightly stretch to reach it.

Coordination - Navigate a blindfolded team member through a maze, grab the crystal and get back without using the words FORWARD, STOP, LEFT or RIGHT. Build the maze from tables and chairs. The team must volunteer 1 member to be blindfolded, agree new words for Fwd, stop, left and right, all before seeing the actual maze. Once ready they are let into a holding zone and may place their blindfolded Scout before starting. Once started the Scout must navigate the maze with the aide of the other scouts shouting directions, grab the crystal and navigate back. If an obstacle is hit, one life is lost, ie one of the other team members must sit down and be quiet.

Twilight - Get your whole team through an A4 piece of paper, grab the crystal and come back through the portal without tearing it. Have some scissors, tape, glue etc to hand (but son't let them use them, apart from the scissors). There is a special way of cutting the paper to create a large circular 'portal'. Crystal awarded if team get through and back without tearing the paper.

Mental - Complete the Bedlam cube to obtain the crystal from the leader. A 5x5x5 cube comprising of plastic shapes which when put together properly create a cube. Crystal awarded if cube created.

Living - Each team member must eat 3 cream crackers without a drink in a limited time. Crystal awarded if 4 out of 5 team members complete it. For older Scouts use shredded wheat or 5 cream crackers.

Common Sense - Complete the written challenge (download below). 3 out of 5 Scouts must complete the challenge to obtain the crystal.


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