Data Protection

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Can you build something to protect your data against catastrophes?


A wide variety of packing materials like wood, nails, tacks plastics, tinfoil.
Per team an old CD, USB stick,MP3 stick Sim card or memory card. (You could ask people to donate these as many people have obsolete items at home)
Apparatus to read the type of data carriers you are using
A large hammer
A shower, tap or watering can
A fire


Split into 2’s or 3’s. Each small group is given an old but working data carrier with something
on it!

Every data carrier is packed up separately by a team and then subjected to 3 tests

1) being hit by a large hammer
2) put under a shower or other running water for 30 secs
3) 30 secs in the fire

Take out the data carrier after each test to check if it is still working

Source: Scouts Info number 2 - April 2009.


  • team building
  • teamwork

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