Survival skills

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Group discussion on survival ,24 question quiz,scenarios based on correct answers to quiz ,group to build a survival kit each


Survival discussion sheet ,quiz questions,pens,paper,survival kit items,glue gun.


Start the activity with a group discussion relating to survival booklet covering all aspects on it 15min.Next give out patrol pens and paper ,read out the quiz questions for the scouts to write down their answers 15min.Scouts to swap answers with scout next to them ,read out answers each correct answer wins a survival item listed on answer sheet scenarios game asking scouts to hypothetically do what's asked on the sheet ,each scout starts with 10 points losing a point for each missing item on each scenario.If you lose all your points you have lost your life ! Winner is person finishing with points 20min. Now get each scout to build a survival kit 20min


  • bivouac
  • cook outdoor
  • distress signals
  • improvise
  • pioneer
  • planning
  • Water filtration

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