Water awareness

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This activity was taken from Join-in-Jamboree- April - Make a Change! Make a Difference!


Buckets/Water Supply


Each Six has a cup and a bucket.
- They have to complete a variety of challenges throughout the evening. Each completed challenge will earn them more water to put in their bucket.
- At every challenge, each Six will also receive a bonus card or penalty. A bonus card will result in them being award more water. A penalty will deduct some of their water.
- They must carry their bucket around at all times. The bucket will get heavier as the evening goes on.
- It gives the Cubs the idea of what it is like for children of their age to carry water in developing countries.
- The winners of the evening are the Six with the most water in their bucket. This should make them rethink how they can use water more efficiently at home.
Examples of challenge include:
- Write a prayer - earns two cups
- Make a paper aeroplane - earns one cup
- Tie three knots - earns three cups
- Name the map signs - earns two cups
- Name the tracking signs - one cup per sign
- Say the alphabet backwards - earns three cups
- Clean your shoes - earns two cups
Examples of bonus cards and penalties:
- Take a shower - earns six cups
- Have a bath - minus six cups
- Use a dishwasher - minus three cups
- Water the garden with dishwashing water - earns three cups
- Water the garden with a hose - minus three cups
- Run the tap to clean their teeth - minus three cups
- Use a mug of water to clean their teeth - earns three cups
- Wash their hands in running water - minus three cups


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