Don't Wake the Bears

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This activity was taken from Join-in-Jamboree - February - Halla Sverige - Hello Sweden


Rope (thin)
Blindfolds. Photos/pictures of bears mounted on card. Small packets of gummy bears.


Create a square approx. 6m x 6m squared out of rope.

- Spread photos or pictures of bears liberally in the square.

- Divide Sixes into two sections, half at opposite sides of the square.

- One side are the guides and the other the rangers, who are blindfolded.

- One at a time, the guides direct the rangers through the bear pit, helping to avoid them standing on a bear.

- If they do stand on a bear, they are eaten by the bear and are out.

- How many can each Six lead safely through the bear pit?

- Give the winners a small packet of gummy bears each


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