Trangia Cooking with Patrol Cook-Off

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Demonstration of Trangia parts and how it all goes together. Patrol cook-off of soup, hotdogs & tea/coffee.


Trangia, Meths Fuel, soup, sausages, bread rolls, tea, coffee or pre-mixed dried hiking drinks


Break apart the trangia and demonstrate the prpose of each part and how it fits together. Fueling the Burner, Use of regulator. Safety re hot parts. Sealing the burner after use.
Demonstration on how to use by boiling some water.
Patrol cook-off (in 2's or 3's per Trangia)
Each patrol to make hot soup with sausages in bread rolls followed by a hot drink.

Patrol based or just with new intake whist older scouts do a game or other activity.

Award points to each patrol for: safety, team work, presentation, taste & post-activity clean up.

Washing after use (Care of burner - not wshed) All alloy parts dishwasher safe.


  • cooking
  • fire lighting
  • Fire Safety
  • New skill
  • Outdoor activity
  • Outdoor and Adventure
  • Trangia

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