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Here are a few ideas for things scouts can do to generate money for fundraising.


Suitable amount of money to buy raw materials with


The scouts should form little groups and come up with a money generating idea to convert raw materials into goods/services. They can then sell these to their neighbours/friends/family etc, and possibly reinvest the money into goods.

They should present their ideas to the leaders, asking for an investment for raw materials. The leaders give (some of) the money to the scouts (and keep their fingers crossed that this isn't throwing money down the drain) and the scouts can then go away and develop their little business outside scout meetings, and at the end of term, come back with their earnings (with checks every so often). The group with the highest percentage gain wins.

Here are some ideas that could be given to the scouts (raw material costings would be useful to add here to give to the scouts).

Candle decoration - IKEA sell glass candle holders for 25p. These could be decorated with glass paint and sold.
Paracord woggles, keyrings, bracelets - could make a range beforehand and sell door-to-door and also offer custom colour combinations for a premium!
LED Keyrings (search for the activity "LED Keyrings" on OSM for details)
Create a stall for a local fete (games, cakes etc.)
Car washing

(Please add more ideas here)



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