First Aid Multiple Choice Test

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Multiple choice test to accompany First Aid Stage 3


Paper, pen


1. When you arrive at the scene of an accident what should you do first
a) Panic b) Check for danger c) Place in the recovery position d) Call 999

2. When should you not contact the emergency services
a) Someone is sleeping b) Electric shock c) Convulsions d) Unconscious person

3. What is the emergency number for the UK
a) 999 b) 666 c) 911 d) 000

4. When Performing CPR how fast should compressions be
a) >100 bpm b) 50 bpm c) 10bpm d) 90bpm

5. With major bleeds where should the effected area be placed
a) As low as possible b) Level with heart c) Above heart d) Doesn't matter

6. When treating major burns should you
a) Submerge in cold water b) Remove clothing stuck to affected area c) Apply ice d) Douse area with cold water

7. To avoid heat exhaustion you should
a) Drink alcohol b) Run around c) Put on a jumper d) Stay in the shade

8. When treating hypothermia is is best to avoid
a) Placing them in a hot bath b) Warm drinks c) Chocolate d) Hugging

9. When dealing with shock you should not
a) Call a doctor b) Give them food c) Treat wounds d) Make them comfortable

10. Choking prevents
a) Blood flow b) Movement c) Flow of air d) Hearing


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