Chinese Wall

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- The aim of the game is for Scouts to push and shove everyone else over the line: a single limb touching down on the other side of the line and they go over. Play the game until everyone is in the bottom zone, apart from the one Scout remaining in each of the other zones. The last Scouts standing are the winners. You can award points on a sliding scale and play again, if desired




- Divide meeting place into at least four connecting zones with chalk lines, number the zones and gather all Scouts into zone 1
- Explain that the lines are like terrace walls on a Chinese hillside, if you step over the line you drop down to the next level and can't get back up
This game can obviously be very rough. Do a risk assessment before starting, looking for things that they could bump into - perhaps mark a dead zone 1.5 metres from either side wall. Set some ground rules appropriate to your Troop.

To preserve buttons, it would be better to change out of uniform.

If playing a second round, give a short pep-talk on how the smaller Scouts can team up to beat the bigger ones.


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