Country Code

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learn about the country code using games and activities


Bingo cards
Pictures tokens
Items to mark picture when find them (12 per lodge)
1 plastic bottle ( litter )
1 beanbag
A list of scenarios on the with 2 answers ( one correct , one wrong)


chat about the country code using the notes on 'The Country Code' file.

Country Code Bingo
Each lodge had a bingo card with about 12 pictures and then picked pictures out of a bag and the first lodge to cover all their words was is the winner. See 'Bingo.doc'

Litter blitz
2 teams either end of the room, each team member gets a number
Call out a number and the person runs up and stand on a chair ( a leader needs to hold the chair) and the kid throws the beanbag at the litter, they keep retrieving the beanbag and throwing it at the litter until 1 team knocks it down, this team gets a point.

Dog Escape
Each child gets given a person or animal from the below list and explain their part in the story.
2 farmers
2 dogs
2 children
a few cows
a few sheep
any other farm animal so everyone has a part to play.

The story was that the man and lady and children are walking their dogs and they come to a field full of different types of animals. They walk into the field leaving the gate wide open and don’t keep their dogs on the lead. The dogs chases all the animals scaring them and one farmer comes out complaining that his animals are scared, the other farmer tries to catch the animals. The dog chases the farm animals and some escape out of the field.
The field can be marked out with chalk if wanted.

Country code - port / starborad
Read out the scenarios and the answers if they think the correct answer is A then they run to one side of the hall, if they think the correct answer is B then run to the other side of the hall.


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