Microwave Flapjacks

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Lovely healthy treat


List is per Lodge they will require
Microwave-safe bowl
Table Spoon
Tea Spoon
Measuring scales
Wire cooling rack
Microwave-safe Plate
Ingrediants - 225g(8oz)Porridge Oats, 100g(4oz)Butter, 75g(3oz)soft brown sugar, 3tbsp golden syrup, 75g(3oz)dried fruit, Pinch of Salt, 1tsp Baking Powder


Melt the sugar and butter in a micro-safe bowl on high for 30seconds. Stir in the syrup, salt, baking powder, oats, fruit and mix well until it is all coated with buttery mixture. Turn into a buttered microwave plate and press lightly. Cook on high for 5 minutes then leave to set for 15 minutes then cut out and place them on the cooling rack.



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