The Olympic Game

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A version of Captain's Coming inspired by the Olympics




Cubs act on instructions of the leader as follows:-

Marathon - run on the spot
Swim - lie on their front pretending to swim
Equestrian -pretend to ride horses
Trampolining - Jump up and down on the spot
Row (in Pairs/Quads/Eights) - sit in lines of the specified numbers pretending to row
Canoe (in Pairs/Quads) - sit in lines of the specified numbers pretending to paddle
Medal Ceremony - stand to alert and face the flag
100m Sprint - Adopt the crouch start position
Fencing - get into pairs and pretend to fence
Archery - fire an imaginary arrow
Hockey - pretend to dribble a hockey ball with a stick

If you wish, the last one to get in position can be out or anyone moving during the medal ceremony/100m sprint or anyone not in the correct size team for rowing/canoeing etc.


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