Killer Ant Challlenge

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Creative pioneering project in which Scouts design and build a raised structure to protect themselves from a plague of killer ants. Time-limited activity.


Rope (thin)
Rope (thick)
Pioneering Poles


Tell the Scouts that a plague of killer ants is on the march towards the meeting place (this could be in the form of an official looking poster from the local council, Department of Health, etc)
- Give the Scouts a time limit in which they are to design and build a structure with a platform at least one metre off the ground. It will also need a cover as the ants could drop from the ceiling!
- Give points for good team work, good lashings, innovative design and shelter.

Additional Information:

- To add to the challenge, you could add information halfway through, such as: 'There must be room on the structure for two Adults.'
- To prevent one or two Scouts doing most of the work, you could add maintenance tasks during the challenge, such as:
Remain inactive for 3 minutes
Keep silent for 3 minutes
Recite a nursery rhyme and then join back in
Do a lap of the meeting place and then join back in
This should mean that teams work together.


  • knots
  • pioneering

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