Scout Snooker

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Scout Snooker is an activity, which should take about an hour to run. It is an example of dressing up the usual scouting activities in a new and interesting form.
The challenges listed are only examples, feel free to add your own.
The challenge has been designed to allow the youngest Scouts to do the easiest challenges and the oldest to the hardest challenges.


You should supply enough of each item to allow the Troop to do what they want, when they want. Normally you should allow one of each per Patrol (except for the ropes, staves and bandages).
Knotting and lashing ropes
Scout staves
Triangular Bandages
Pens and paper
Tree identification sheet
Hand axe
Hike Tent
Patrol tent


1. You must make the highest score that you can.
2. To pot a ball you must successfully complete a small challenge.
3. You must pot a red ball before you pot a colour.
4. There are 6 Red Balls
5. If you pot a colour after you have potted a red then it will be replaced on the table.
6. After all the reds are gone, you can pot all the other colours IN ORDER (by performing one challenge from each colour - do not try to do each challenge in every colour).
7. You cannot skip a colour and go for the next one in the sequence.
8. You will enjoy yourself. Anyone not enjoying themselves will have their ears pulled off!
9. There is no rule 9
10. Or a rule 10
11. PLs are not permitted to do the Red and Yellow ball challenges but they can and should instruct the younger Scouts to complete them.
12. Thats it. Go away. Get on with it


Red 10 point
Yellow 20 points
Green 30 points
Brown 40 points
Blue 50 points
Pink 60 points
Black 70 points


  • practice
  • quiz
  • scout craft
  • scout skills

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