Camp Oven

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Build a Camp Oven


Spade, Metal Dustbin, Angle Iron (dexian racking), Bolts, large tin cans, gaffer tape, tin opener Electric drill, drill bit, spanners, metal grate to fit bin, bricks to sit under bin


using the metal grate to work out where the shelf will fit in the bin drill holes to fit the angle iron as shelf rails
bolt angle iron to inside of bin to work as shelf rail
dig a hole in the ground 1 1/2 length of bin 1 1/4 width half depth
place the bricks at the side of the hole to sit the bin on and create a fire pit below the bin
place the bin on the bricks allowing a apace at the back of the bin for the chimney
cut the tops and bottoms form the large tin cans (baby food or catering beans)
place 2 bricks at a "v" in the back of the hole to stand the chimney on ensuring that there is a large vent exposed
using the earth from the hole pack it around the chimney and the sides and top of the oven without getting in the way of the lid (Oven Door)

Now light a fire under the bin and cook something in the bin (start with cheep cake mix and then build up to roast chicken)


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