Peg Race

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An inter Patrol race used to teach the scouts how to use a mallet and peg angle correctly


1 x mallet per patrol
1 x medium wood tent peg per scout
1 x whistle
chairs to mark out where the pegs need to be hammered in
start line


1. Line the scouts up behind the start line holding a tent peg each
2. The patrol leader at the front also holds the mallet
3. On the start whistle the patrol leader runs forward to first chair line and using the mallet hammers in the peg at 45 Deg angle leaving the mallet before running back and tagging the next scout
4. The next scout then runs out to the mallet picks it up and then runs on to the next chair markers and hammers in their peg
5. This carries on till he last scout returns and the patrol sits down
6. If any peg is not at the correct angle or depth it is pulled out by a leader and returned to the scout who then joins the back of the patrol and has to try again


  • camp activity
  • mallet
  • Pegs

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