Grass Sleeping Mat

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Make a grass sleeping mat for a backwoods shelter


large scissors, garden sheers, scythe
10 tent pegs per patrol
1 x mallet
1 x broom handle
large long grass area
ball of sisal


Hammer in 5 pegs in a line 15cm apart
2m away hammer in the next 5 pegs to line up with first 5 pegs
tie sisal from each peg in line to the peg 2m away
then tie sisal from one end to the broom handle at the other end creating a loom
with the broom handle lifted up place cut grass on top of the fixed sisal
then put the broom handle on the ground keeping it tight push the grass tight up on the pegs & sisal
now place grass under the fixed sisal on top of the sisal attached to the broom handle the lift broom handle
carry on weaving the grass between the sisal until you have a nice tight grass sleeping mat
trim the edges and tie the ends of the sisal
cut from the pegs and try for comfort


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