Reindeer Dust

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Reindeer dust to sprinkle on Christmas Eve so Santa can find you!


1 Bag Plain oats ( shops own brand will do ) this is dependant on how many Beavers in your Colony you may need 2 bags, Glitter (edible if possible - craft glitter can be dangerous to wildlife) different colours can be made by buying plain and adding food colouring, clear sealable bags (small will do) table spoon and mixing bowl and poem gift tags and ribbon to decorate.


Mix plain oats with glitter (this is best done in small portions if beavers are going to mix) if making own colour glitter - make this first, to make- mix plain edible glitter with food colouring to desired colour (about two cap full's) once mixed - then mix with oats in a mixing bowl until fully mixed in, place two table spoons into each bag and seal and add poem and ribbon.


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