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Sitting Volleyball

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A paralympic sport which is able to be played by people of all ages and abilities on a level playing field.


Soft volleyball, Volleyball net


Divide the section into teams.
First get the children used to staying seated on the floor.
Run a few relays to introduce the idea of moving keeping their bottoms in contact with the floor.
- Slide to the other side of the hall and run back
- Slide of the other side of the hall whilst carrying a ball on their laps then run back
- Slide to the other side of the hall, whilst carrying a ball on their laps then slide backwards to their team.

Split the group into 2 teams and divide by a net or a row of chairs.
2 rules - the ball cant hit the floor, and bottoms stay on the floor.

for younger sections use balloons and you can introduce additional balloons to make it harder and more competitive.


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