Ping Pong Games

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A way to select games over the entire term


Ping Pong balls, Bucket, Laminated game instructions


1. Write a list of games you would like to play throughout the term (Please find attached a list of potential games), give them all a number that correspond to the numbers on Ping Pong balls
2. Put all the Ping Pong balls in a bucket and then ask a scout to pick a Ping Pong ball. This is then the game you will play.
3. Give them the instructions for the game to read out, and then play the game.
4. That Ping Pong ball will then not re-enter the bucket until the end of the term.

Remember you can add to the list all the time.

You can get the cubs to invent games in team to be used as the games and then teach the game to the pack.


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