Cyalume Pegs Wide Game

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Very energetic wide game for 2 or more teams. Works better in the dark with some cover ie light woodland.


20m+ of rope. Lots of cyalumes (glow sticks) - a different colour for each team. 3 or more Defenders - can be leaders, parents, PLs or Sixers


Tie rope between 2 or more trees horizontally at about chest height.
Divide cubs/scouts into teams (any number). Older cub/scout or leader act as team leader and given the cyalumes.
Defenders have to stop Cubs/scouts clipping the cyalumes on the rope by tagging them. Some can stay near rope, some can range as far as, but not too close to the bases.
Team select a 'base' out of sight of rope and not too far away.
On a whistle cubs/scouts are handed one Cyalume at a time by their team leader. They must sneak up to rope without being tagged by a defender and clip their Cyalume securely to the rope.
Once they have touched the rope they are safe from the defender.
Once tied they go and get another Cyalume and try again.
If tagged they have to give their Cyalume up to the defender.
Winning team is the one with most of their cyalumes clipped to the rope at the end of play.


  • cyalume
  • dark
  • Glow sticks
  • rope
  • wide game
  • woodland

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