Sagetti Relay

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relay game for cubs in sixes. each cub in turn, finds and puts two spegetti letters on printed sheet,game won when, words on sheet completed. fastest six wins


Tins of Spagetti letters in tomatoe sauce, printed laminated sheets of words to be spelt out. large bowls for spagetti. whisstle


line each six up infront of a table, on table is a largebowl of spagetti letters in tomatoe sause, a laminated printed sheet of words (any words or phrases deemed apropriate) (ie the promise or law)
on awhissle or shout ,the cubs start ,each run to the table ,finding two letters from the phrase, placing them ontop of the laminated sheet over said letter, once two letters done, they run back to there line ,tagging the next member ,and so on . the winners are first teem(six) to finish and line back up at start point (sitting down)
can be a timed game if wished


  • food fun
  • international night
  • international Scouting
  • ITaly
  • relay
  • relay race
  • Team challenges
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