Santa's Sleepover

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District Sleepover with a visit from Santa!


whatever resources needed for your crafts; christmas meal; santa gifts; tents;


03.30pm - welcome beavers & explain rules/code of conduct for sleepover
03.45pm - show beavers to their tents and get them set up
04.30pm - Christmas dinner
05.15pm - beavers to wash up
05.45pm - activity session
08.15pm - tidy away
08.30pm - pj time
08.45pm - supper (fruit, biscuits & hot choc)
09.00pm - christmas film
10.30pm - toilet & bed time
10.45pm - lights out
11.00pm - all quiet
07.00am - beavers to quietly pack their belongings & tents down
09.00am - breakfast (cereal & toast)
09.30am - activity (prepare songs for parents)
11.00am - parents arrive
11.15am - christmas carols
11.30am - hometime!


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