Sheep Game

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Patrols take it in turns to guide their sheep into the pen.
PL [or other patrol member] is the farmer, and using audio signals to guide his sheep [blindfolded patrol members] into the pen.


Some Chairs/Tables to construct a pen.


Patrols have 10 minutes to decide on the audio signals [WHICH CANNOT BE WORDS] that they will use in the game, and practise these.

Then one patrol at a time they will have 5 minutes to get the remainder of their patrol into the pen using the audio signals.

PL [or other patrol member] will be the farmer and only sighted player. The other patrols members will be the sheep and will be blindfolded.

Leaders place sheep around scout hall before allowing the farmer to guide them to the pen.

The patrol which gets its sheep back into the pen in the quickest time, wins :]


  • blindfold
  • communication
  • Indoor
  • team building

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