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Give the group photos of the local area and they have to find the location of the photo and take an equivalent one


Photos of area, cameras/cameraphones


Quite a simple idea for Troops and Units.

Take some pictures of 'scenes' in your area, and fairly close to your meeting place. Print them out on some sheets and challenge each patrol to find the place the picture was taken and to take a copy of the picture with their own camera (Mob Phone or Digital) but to include their patrol in it.

You can make the scenes as easy or difficult as you like by including different amounts of landmarks in them. Then allocate varying amounts of points for finding each based on how hard you think they are, or how far away from the meeting place etc. Bear in mind they will need to return in enough time to show you the results.

You can then get them to print them out for a display on your notice board.

Can be adapted for an evening meeting or a bit longer for a camp etc.

(Oh, you might have to explain to some characters that rude gestures in the photo's they take will result in disqualification )

Activity taken from http://escouts.org.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=18513

A variation is to get the patrols to mark the locations of the photos on a map of the local area. You can make it more challenging by concentrating the photos on small details eg date plaques on buildings instead of the whole building.

Other variation: You could have a set of photos taken in the day-light which the scouts have to find and re-take at night time (or visa versa)


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