have you got a hobby

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Hobbies Badge Worksheet (2018 Guide)

Part 1 - About your hobby (can be assigned TODAY)

Part 2 - Tell & Show about your hobby (Add requirement when achieved)

Part 3 - When you have the sheet back and they have persisted for 6 weeks. (Add requirement when complete)


Hobbies Badge sheet for all beavers,

This can be printed 2 per page double sided and folded to make a single page for Beavers to take home.
To make a booklet print this page order :1,4,2,3 so 1 & 4 are on one side of the sheet and 2 & 3 are on the other side.


Ask the beavers if they have a hobby, this could be a sport they play or a collection of something, give them 6 weeks (these can be spread) to improve on what they do and then they can explain what their hobby is and how they do it.

The sheet has 4 parts:
Part 1 - Name, Date, What is your hobby (to be completed in meeting)
Part 2 - Diary for 6 weeks - how they took part in their hobby, did they practise something, learn something new?
Part 3 - Show and Tell Date (this can be during the 6 weeks or at the end) to tell the other members of the colony about their hobby.



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