Jumbled Up Relay

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Relay race which requires problem solving as well as speed


Sheet of words for relay race


- Form the young people in lines as for a relay race.
- An adult stands facing each team at the other end of the playing area, with an envelope containing 13 words.
- On the word GO, each player comes up to the adult, receives a word and runs back.
- The next team member then runs up and collects the next word.
- When the team has collected all the words, they arrange them into a simple instruction, and it is the first team to complete the task that wins the race.
- Print off two sets of the word sheets. One should be cut up and the 13 words in each column should be place in a envelope. The second sheet should be cut into columns only. so that the leader can tell when the team has completed the task. Because each task is different, one team can't simply copy another team.

Variation: Get teams to hop, walk backwards, walk on hands, etc instead of running.


  • Problem solving
  • relay

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