Last Light of Humanity

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A wide game best played in a the dark in a wooded area


powerful torch
Jam jar


Pick one scout as the last human, the rest are told at the start of the game that they are "aliens" (not much acting required) and the following:-

The human race is on it's knees and there is only one left, and this humans job it to keep the "last light of humanity burning" to help this human they have a powerful lazer to kill all the aliens.

The "aliens" have to sneak through the wood with out being killed by the beam of the powerful lazer (torch) and blow out the "last light of humanity"

if killed the alien has to return to a set area before being given a new life and can try again

the lazer only has a small battery if it is shot continually for more than 3 seconds (waved about by scared scout) then it needs to be recharged for a count of 10 seconds

position leaders in the area of the "last light of humanity" to help identify the death of the "aliens"

position a leader in the set area to bring the "aliens" back to life

if an alien manages to extinguish the "last light of humanity" then that "alien" takes over as the last human and the game stars again


  • dark
  • humanity
  • wide game
  • woodland

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