Survival Kit Planning

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Get all the bits for a survival kit


All sorts


Instead of just giving the bits out, I'm planning on making them earn points/"cash" over the course of the term (before the survival camp). They can "buy" bits for their survival tin depending what they think they need, and how many points they have. Perfect solution for improving behaviour! Scouts will be given points for inspection, and points will be knocked off during the meeting for bad behaviour. Remaining points at the end of the night will go towards personal total.

Troop to discuss what we'd put in a survival kit and why.

Then suggest a list and points to cover the cost of them

Things to offer:
Tin (ebay for £1.50)
Flexible saw (ebay - 2 for £2)
Matches (for them to waterproof with wax)
Flint & Steel
Tumble-drier fluff

Think about size, weight, function, usability, robustness, waterproof etc etc!


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